Hello, my name is Jordan Witt

Growing up, I was fascinated by people. I loved hearing someone's stories and telling my own. It was always different no matter who you met; the stories were unique. Telling stories is who we are and how we best communicate. It creates connection because we allow ourselves to be seen. After all, we are all experiencing the same human experience. 
In my career, I want to amplify authentic and wholehearted stories. I want to be in a business where I can make people’s lives better. 
I am currently a fourth-year student at the University of Florida pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations with a concentration in business and minoring in business administration. I expect to graduate in the summer of 2024. I am a passionate creative who has been involved in production since my freshman year at Strike Magazine and The Agency at UF. I am looking to pursue a career in production, advertising, and marketing. I would love to hear more about your story; if you would like to talk, reach out to me. 
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