Jumbotron Promo
We collaborated with ESPN and the SEC Network for the first ever hispanic and latino segment in the history of the networks. We worked with both networks in a co-production capacity, where ESPN Charlotte took the lead in art direction and executive production. Our team provided comprehensive production coordination, overseeing all pre-production planning, talent management, and talent producing. Additionally, we were responsible for the end-to-end content creation process, including all aspects of photography and videography, up to the final editing phase.

I served as the executive director and producer on this project. I helped lead a team of three videographers and one editor to capture all content. This video was made to promote the Gator Unidos clothing line and was played during the UF vs Tennessee football game on the Jumbotron on September 16th, 2023. Our promo was seen by 90,000 fans in "The Swamp" and over 50,000 Instagram users.

ESPN/SEC Feature
I served as the director and production lead for this SEC feature. I guided the team as we captured interview and b-roll footage of four UF Latino athletes to promote awareness of the achievements of Latino Gator athletes.  The 6-minute video advertisement for ESPN was aired on ESPN, ABC7 Los Angeles, and ABC Localish with over 9.7 million viewers and 3.5 million social impressions across ESPN & SEC Network channels. It captivated an audience of 9.7 million viewers on both ESPN and SEC linear cable networks Segments on both ESPN and SEC networks. It Achieved 1.4 million streams for the segment on both SEC and ESPN apps, as well as web platforms
I worked as a producer on this project, where I curated the visual and fashion aspects of the video. I directed talent during the shoot and supervised the editing team.

I served as a producer for various episodes of the Fan Take video series, which have been published on The Agency's YouTube. I worked on all aspect of the production pipeline for this series, while also serving as the creative director and production manager for various videos in the series. 

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